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Product information:

  •  Available in three surface look options: textured, gloss black, carbon look.
  • Gloss and carbon fiber  are protected with a protective foil.
  • Has UV protection
  • Does not require paintin (If you choose to paint an item, it is necessary to apply primer before painting.)
  • Additionally you can choose red or white stripe to self-assembly (By default we dispatch product without any stripes).


Diffuser production is a complex process. The final stage of the production is the manual processing of products and their finishing. This demonstrates the care and accuracy of our elements. 

Furthermore, the quality control of our products made just before sending them ensures that the defective products are eliminated to a considerable degree.

The material from which our products are manufactured - ABS was created specifically for use in  the automotive industry.

ABS is  used in production of factory bumpers and other body parts of the car and these products are characterized with increased strength and flexibility.

The proof of the quality of the manufactured products is the TÜV certificate.

It confirms the material from which they are manufactured and the TÜV TAILEGUTACHTEN / ABE for the selected products.

The product that holds the certificate is marked with a red tag above the product code.


  • After the final treatment of the product, a suitable kit is selected, the current composition is available HERE.
  • The finished set is protected in foil with our company logo and then packed into a shipping carton.
  • Glue may be required when installing the car overlay. In this case, we recommend using polyurethane based adhesive (self-adhesive).
  • Installation of the car's overlay should be preceded by proper preparation of the surface of the product and the body car.



  • Before installing, parts must be prepared and adjusted
  • Installation involves roughening and degreasing of the aggressive solvent on the surface of the car body on which we intend to mount (glue) the overlay. The 3M cloth is included in the kit for degreasing.

Alfa Romeo BRERA



Average delivery time is from 1 to 3 weeks.

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